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In Conversation

Prompt: take your top off without the use of your hand(s). No set movements, no choreography, no discussions. See and discuss the results after recording the performance.

Scope: think of body limitations and how these influence movement

Distance between artists: approx 2560km

Performed by Liliana Zaharia and Irina Petreanu

For the past 4 years I have been exploring with Irina themes of body limitations, boundaries, relationships and physical pain. The video above was at the beginning of the journey, and in the Pandemic, when only virtually we could meet. We didn't plan any of the movements and each of us has recorded in her own home, a sort of conversation between London and Bucharest. When we've seen the videos, we found some similarities, but also a sort of different energy between the two of us.

This exploration shifted towards a resistance performance about relationships, which time, space and form didn't allow us to record it yet, but I know it will soon happen.


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