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How do I reclaim my body

It hasn't been easy to be vulnerable even though I have been speaking about chronic pain for years. I talked about invisibility, but there is something visible on my body that speaks about the past: my scar, which split my abdomen in two.

I have been looked at and objectified for years by the medical community, and I didn't want to look at it. I didn't want to see it or to show it, but I was already working on the Split project (or crying over my family archive). So I made an actual object. I've spread, poured, touched, and transferred in on the outside where I looked at it.

Not everything ends up as part of a public project if it doesn't feel the right moment or it is not there yet. But I strongly believe that the process and everything that goes behind the scene is as important as the final body of work. And it's usually not out there to find, ask, understand or wonder about. It's hidden in studio visits, artist talks, Instagram stalking. I think we shouldn't keep these experiments that inform our work hidden in a secret club, but create a place for them too.

Filmed by Daria Lazo


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